Diva International Srl., as per the italian legislative decree 196/2003, respects the privacy of all the people who visit its websites.
This Privacy Policy is valid only for the websites of which Diva International is owner and cannot be applied to the websites, accessible through links present on this website, not owned by Diva International.

Personal Data
Diva international srl, sited in Via delle Industrie 7, 06038 Spello, as per the art.1 of the legislative decree 196/2003 informs that we won’t collect any personal data (name, surname, telephone number exc.) during your browsing in our website unless you’ll give your personal agreement.
The use of our website involve the aknowledgement of the general conditions of use.

When you visit our websites, your information are collected in our servers to guarantee the best web experience while visiting the website. The information is related to your IP address, the type of browser, the OS of your pc, the website or keywords you used to access our site. We will use this data only in an anonimous way. If Diva International will send any data to an external provider, they will be used in confomity with the privacy laws.
If you will volountarily give personal data during the registration to one of our websites, the data will be used in conformity with our privacy policy.
Diva will be able to use the data for the same purposes they have been collected.
The agreement to the personal data treatment is necessary to access to some of our websites and to access to the online services, like for examples:

– The use of a personal page
– Contests
– The access of a site community
– The access to special offers
– The give away of samples and products
– The partecipation to consumers surveys and tests
– The selection process
– Newsletters and commercial offers sent by e-mail or standard mail.