FAQCan I use a Scaldì warming pad more than once?
No. the materials inside of the pad end their effect after the first use. It’s not possible to reactivate or recharge the pad. (Do not try to insert the pads inside a microwave, it won’t work)

Can I use Scaldì if I’m pregnant?

Yes, there are no specific warnings in using Scaldì during the pregnancy. Still, we suggest to call the doctor to define the best moments to use the product and to choose the best product for your needs.

Does Scaldì contain magnetic materials?
No. There’s some iron inside the Scaldì powder, but with no magnetic properties.

How many Scaldì pads can I use simultaneously?

There are no restrictions in the number of pads that can be used.
For example, you can use at the same time the body warmer and two feet warmes when you’re outside. In case of too much heat, stop immediately the use of the product.

Is Scaldì water resistant?

No. If wet, the Scaldì pads cease to produce heat.
In moinst ambient, we suggest you to keep Scaldì in a dry place.