Scaldamani adesiva


2 Hand warmers for a constant 8 hour heat sensation.
Warming pads designed specifically to be inserted into the pocket of trousers, jackets, inserts or used as hand warmers

+ Up to 8 hours of heat

+ 100% natural

+ Practical and cheap

+ Immediate heat

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Adhesive warming pads created to be applied directly on the clothes . When the package is opened, due to a thermal reaction, the pad will start getting warm in contact with the air, gradually increasing its temperature. OPEN THE PACKAGE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE USE.


Once that the package has been opened, wait up to 3/5 minutes maintaining the pad in the hand to allow the thermal reaction. Leave the peel and place the pad in the affected area. In 30 minutes you will reach the maximum temperature. In case of use with ski gloves or leather gloves, ensure a correct airflow to allow the proper functioning of the product. Stick the pad on the internal side of the glove, do not stick it directly on bare skin. In case of a perceived temperature too high or too low, it means that the airflow is not correct and the pair of gloves used is not suitable for the product.


The product is for external use only. AVOID EXTENDED DIRECT CONTACT WITH BARE SKIN. Do not damage or cut the pad, or remove the powder from the wrapping. Do not swallow. In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash with plenty of cold water and consult a doctor and show this package. If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Do not use while sleeping. Do not use in shoes or boots. People with sensitive skin, with disabilities, should take special care if suffering of diseases in which heat is contraindicated or which alter the perception of temperature. Keep out of the reach of children, the elderly or people who are not able to use the product by themselves. In case of too much heat, itching or even slight redness occur in the treated part, stop immediately the use of product. DO NOT APPLY ON THE FACE. *THIS IS AN ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCT, AFTER THE USE IT COULD BE DISPOSED AS URBAN WASTE.


100% natural raw materials:
 Iron, Vermiculite, Activated Carbon, Potassium Chloride, Water, Sodium Hydroxide